I am the Business Manager (and only employee) for Suffolk Credit Union.  My tasks vary from day to day customer service, front office, managing membership applications and loan applications, processing savings deposits and loan repayments, credit control, withdrawal requests, answering potential and existing member enquiries, outreach, marketing, accountancy, reporting to the Board of Directors, and statutory regulators, office administration, volunteer management compliance and governance.

It’s great to be able to talk to and help our members knowing that we are a competitive and fair choice. I enjoy working alongside a dedicated team of volunteers.  I would like for more members to come forward to help run their credit union. To increase capacity with membership growth, increase our loan portfolio which in turn will increase our profits, so we can increase our employee base, increase our member services, and reward our savers with healthier dividends year on year. Suffolk Credit Union need volunteers…volunteers….volunteers – credit unions are run by it’s members for it’s members. 

Sometimes it’s a dream we help people with and sometimes it’s a financial crisis.    In any case it is about taking the worry or stress away to manifest the dream or the necessity.  I still get a buzz when members are granted their loan request.

It’s people centred, it’s a social enterprise, it is a cooperative; owned and run by its members. The social and ethical values underpin what we do.  We make a difference to members’ lives every day.  It builds sustainability and helps people become financially self-sufficient.